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We are pleased to announce our eLearning courses!

Last year, after spending the last 30 years teaching IBM i courses face to face, we decided it was time to go virtual.
Little did we know that the world was going to change so dramatically & that virtual would be the new normal.

We also offer more in‐depth virtual training, either via video link or through pre-recorded courses.
As an added bonus, some of our chargeable courses come complete with access to our training IBM i, so you can put theory into practice without worrying about the consequences.

However, we understand that there are some times when 'in person' is better (even if it is through a mask) so, yes, we are still giving our public & on-site courses, if you prefer.

school Our public/on-site courses

Andy Youens Presenting

Our Videos

Name Description Price Link
A NodeJS Website Quickly get a NodeJS website running on the IBM i. See how easy it is to add new pages to your website with very little work, using the Node Express framework. Its Free Click here
Community PHP on IBM i  Its New Take a look at how to use the new Community PHP on the IBM i. Learn how to install PHP & keep it up to date. Also, learn how to use Apache to run your PHP applications. Its Free Click here
DB2 for i Row & Column Access Control RCAC is used to control access to rows & columns based on rules defined on the rows & columns. It consists of 2 components, Column Masking & Row Permissions. Its Free Click here
DB2 for i Temporal Tables Its about time ‑ Time travel your database. Keep a full history of data changes & allow easy point‑in‑time analysis Its Free Click here
IBM i CL Enhancements Catch up with all the CL programming enhancements, since 5.3 to the latest version. From structured programming to loops & beyond! Get rid of all those GOTOs! Its Free Click here
IBM i Open Source Want to know how you can go from no open-source on your system to running open source offerings such as a Node.js application. Its Free Click here
Midnight Commander on IBM i  Its New Take a look at how to use Midnight Commander to manage your IBM i IFS. Its Free Click here
Our IBM i Customer Story In this video, made for Common US, we tell our IBM i customer story on how we used the IBM i & Open Source to submit tax returns to the UK government. Its Free Click here
Visual Studio Code IDE & IBM i Which IDE do we use for Open Source on IBM i? We take a look at Visual Studio Code and what a great tool it is. Its Free Click here
Windows Terminal & IBM i Take a look at the new Microsoft Windows Terminal & how to automatically connect to the IBM i for all your SSH shell work. Its Free Click here

announcement Please note that all prices are in GBP (Sterling) & exclude VAT at current rate.

Our Feedback

Excellent course - Lots for me to take away & apply to my own environment. C.C. Lloyds TSB

Excellent all round. This was exactly what I was looking for.

R.G. Nationwide Building Society

Andy has good knowledge on the subject matter & the course is presented in a clear & easy to understand way. Thank you. Very good supporting docs

L.A. Chaucer Insurance

Relaxed course, very informative, instructor very approachable

G.S. Cigna Healthcare

Excellent course content & pace. Has answered a lot of questions for me

J.J. Arjo Huntleigh